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Inpatient Units at VGH

Who We Are

We have interdisciplinary teams, which includes psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatric workers and others such as nutritionists.

Who We See

We provide treatment for adults who are acutely ill and frequently psychotic.

What We Do

We provide thorough assessment, care planning treatment and evaluation.

We provide group and individual treatment and links with community services/care providers are a priority. In most hospital units priority is given to patients from within the Mental Health Team catchment areas.

Units at Vancouver General Hospital

East One – General Psychiatry and Early Psychosis

East One is a twenty-bed adult inpatient unit at VGH. Fifteen beds are for general psychiatric disorders while five beds are for patients with early psychosis. An interdisciplinary team provides culturally-sensitive, family-inclusive care using a biopsychosocial approach to the management of symptoms and functional deficits. Community resources are involved throughout the hospitalization and discharge planning. Treatment modalities include group and individual work.

East One – General Psychiatry and Early Psychosis: Contacts

West One – General Psychiatry and Concurrent Disorders

West One is a twenty-bed adult inpatient unit at VGH. Fifteen beds are dedicated to patients with concurrent disorders and five beds are for general psychiatric disorders. The care is provided by an interdisciplinary team and includes individual and group work. Programs for patients with concurrent disorders are based upon best practices for individuals with these issues. Community resources are involved throughout the hospital stay and discharge planning.

West One – General Psychiatry and Concurrent Disorders: Contacts

Brief Intervention Unit - 12 Beds

This unit responds to the needs of the adult psychiatric patient in crisis. The interdisciplinary team discuss and make recommendations and treatment plans for every patient at rounds each morning. The emphasis is on crisis management, brief psychotherapy re-stabilisation, and seamless return to the community within about a week with sound post-discharge follow-up.

Brief Intervention Unit: Contacts

Psychiatric Assessment Unit - 20 Beds

This very unique unit provides a crisis service to the VGH Emergency Department and to the City of Vancouver, second to none in Canada. Within the 20 acute beds is a combination of four high secure rooms, four step-down secure rooms and twelve general observation beds. The unit has a high nurse:patient ratio to meet the safety and acute care needs of the patients. The highly skilled interdisciplinary team provide assessment, crisis intervention, intensive care, pharmacotherapy and triage of the adult mental health patient. There is no restriction for admission and the average length of stay is about 5 days.

Psychiatric Assessment Unit: Contacts

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