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Inpatient Units at UBCH

Who We Are

We have interdisciplinary teams, which includes psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatric workers and others such as nutritionists.

Who We See

We provide treatment for adults who are acutely ill and frequently psychotic.

What We Do

We provide thorough assessment, care planning treatment and evaluation.

We provide group and individual treatment and links with community services/care providers are a priority. In most hospital units priority is given to patients from within the Mental Health Team catchment areas.

Units at University of British Columbia Hospital

Mood Disorders Unit - 1 East

The Mood Disorders adult psychiatric inptient program specialises in the assessment, treatment and research of mood disorders such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder.

The interdisciplinary team has an expertise in the diagnosis and management of mood disorders. Treatment on the unit includes a specialized group and individual program specially for mood disorders. Clients/patients can be referred by their physicians if they have a primary diagnosis of a mood disorder and need inpatient treatment, or if they have a refractory illness which may have complicated diagnostic or treatment issues.

Services include assessment and diagnosis research, group therapy, medication therapy, family intervention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychosocial rehab, and possibly Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

Mood Disorders Unit - 1 East: Contacts
Mood Disorders Centre of Excellence: Web site

Neuropsychiatry Program - 1 West

Neuropsychiatry patients are referred to the units from around the province. The inpatient program provides intensive assessments, treatment and stabilisation of complex neuropsychiatry patients. Beds may be booked and held open for 24-48 hours for referrals living outside the Lower Mainland.

Many patients have physical disabilities and complex medical conditions. Subsequently these patients often need access to radiology investigations such as MRI and CAT Scans, as well as neuropsychological testing. Patients receive counselling, education, medication and support from the interdisciplinary team. The unit follows a primary care model that is client-centred, and involves the patient in the decisions around their care. Interventions used are 1:1 counselling, family assessment & counselling, medications, ECT and rehab therapy.

Neuropsychiatry Program - 1 West: Contacts

BC Psychosis Program - Detwiller Pavilion

The program is a resource to health authorities across BC that provides unique, highly specialized inpatient services to patients who require pharmacological, biophysical, psychosocial, and other treatments for psychotic illness when other treatment approaches have been ineffective or partially effective.
Research is an integral part of the program, and patients may be offered the opportunity to participate as a subject in a clinical trial or other research project. The expected length of stay is 4 - 6 months.

Who's eligible for this program?
Appropriate patients will:
 1. Be medically stable;
 2. Have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, affective disorder with psychosis, or non substance-related psychosis;
 3. Have had inadequate or no response to at least two trials of antipsychotics (one of which is a second generation agent) by HA tertiary clinical teams;
 4. Show incomplete recovery of social, vocational, or occupational functioning likely to respond to active intervention; and,
 5. If present, substance use disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, developmental disability, personality disorder, aggression, or head injury is not the primary focus of treatment.

How do I access the BC Psychosis program?
The BC Psychosis Program does not accept referrals from community practitioners or hospitals. Each Health Authority is responsible for implementing and coordinating its own referral process by way of the tertiary mental health facility within its region. Referrals to the program from each Health Authority are from a single point of contact using the referral form below:
BC Psychosis Program - Referral Package

BC Psychosis Program
UBC Hospital - Detwiller Pavilion
2255 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B.C V6T 2A1

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